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Office of Development Commissioner (MSME)

The MSME (Micro Small and Medium Enterprise) sector is growing fast all over the world. It is both acting as an engine of accelerated growth and serving as a nursery for entrepreneurial development. Therefore, many countries have established MSME support agencies to coordinate government interventions in this sector. With the view to foster the growth of the MSME sector in India, the Central Government has put in charge the Office of Development commissioner (MSME), formerly known as small Industries Development Organization (SIDO), as the respective nodal support agency.

Office of Development Commissioner (SSI) was established in 1954. Over the years, it has seen its role evolve into an agency for advocacy, support, and facilitation for the MSME sector. It operates over 70 offices and 21 autonomous bodies include Technology Centers (Tool Rooms), Training Institutions and Project-cum-Process Development Centers. They provide a wide spectrum of services to MSME which includes facilities for testing, training for entrepreneurship development, preparation of project and product profiles, technical and managerial consultancy, assistance for exports as well as energy audits. Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) offers economic information services and advises the government in policy formulation for the promotion and development of MSME. The field offices of the Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) work as effective link between the Central Government and the State Governments.

Consequent to the increased globalization of the Indian economy, MSMEs are required to face new challenges. Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME) has recognized the changed environment and is currently focusing on providing support in the fields of credit, marketing, technology and infrastructure to MSMEs. Global trends and national developments have accentuated Office of the Development Commissioner (MSME)'s role as a catalyst of growth of MSMEs in the country.

Govt. Of Rajasthan

Govt. of India - Involvement of State of Rajasthan

The State Govt. of Rajasthan has provided Land, Building & Infrastructure in premises of 51878 Sq. M. & Total built up area of 19057 Sq. M. The rapidly growing industrial city of Bhiwadi with industrial areas provides the right environment for growth.